It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here.  I end up switching themes more than actually posting content.  I have a feeling that’s about to change however.  In 2012, I’m making a conscious effort to write more, hopefully once per week, possibly more.  The goal is one actual blog post, along with a second post with web links to articles I’ve read or are currently reading.  I have a lot of interests, so expect to get posts on computers & technology, sports, politics, and my favorite geeky hobby, weather.

Well that’s all for now.  Let’s see if the goal is actually achieved.

Test Post

Test post.

This blog is back.

Decided to move back to WordPress.  Just couldn’t get into Posterous as I had hoped.  More soon, including redirecting back here.

Oil Trades Near Two-Week Low (via

Oil traded near a two-week low in New York as concern that damage from Japan’s earthquake will curb crude demand outweighed speculation of supply disruptions in the Middle East.

Futures tumbled the most in almost five months yesterday after explosions and fire struck Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima nuclear plant. The March 11 temblor caused a tsunami that disabled cooling systems at the facility. Bahrain declared a state of emergency as a second contingent of troops from Gulf nations poured into the kingdom, while Libyan government forces moved against rebels.

An unexpected and unintended side-effect of the disaster in Japan: a drop in worldwide oil and gasoline prices. Expect more of a drop if the Middle East stabilizes. It’s sad that a major disaster to an industrialized country needs to occur oil prices to significantly drop. Depressing.

Bon Jovi claims Steve Jobs ‘killed’ the music business (via

Jon Bon Jovi in an interview with The Times’ Sunday magazine pinned an alleged devolution of music on Apple’s Steve Jobs. A move to digital music spearheaded by iTunes has all but ended the “magical” music experience the rocker grew up with, including the surprise of discovering unknown music at a physical store and listening to a full album without distractions. He implied that the lack of mystery and the option of buying by the track had taken the romanticism out of music.

You have got to be kidding me. Hey Jon: The music business was already going down hill well before iTunes and the iPod came along.

For aspiring major league umpires, the road is long and hard (

But here I am at the umpire school alongside 158 students who have invested at least $3,000 apiece for the five-week course, the vast majority wearing full umpire gear and uniforms they personally purchased for up to $500, all racing into position and authoritatively barking calls, hoping and praying they will be among the few dozen good enough to receive an offer to umpire in the minors this summer for barely minimum wage, with the dim possibility they could be the one from the class who might reach the majors in about a decade … and I can’t even take my stupid mask off properly!

Great article by Jim Caple of ESPN about the difficult road to becoming a professional umpire.

Facebook cited in 20% of US di… (

Facebook cited in 20% of US divorces​/technology​/2011​/mar​/08​/fac…

Somehow, I think that the reasons for divorce today remain the same, it’s only the technology that is different.