12/1/19 – 12/3/19 Winter Storm Update Sun. 3:00 PM

Some slight changes to the forecast. The storm is starting later here in RI and SE MA, and will be extending later into Tuesday than previously forecasted. Snow is moving into RI right now, and should be in SE MA by 4-5 PM.

No major changes to my map right now, but it would not surprise me that it would need to be adjusted upward. Several models have forecasted more snow for RI and SE MA during “part 2″ of this storm, from the period of Monday evening into Tuesday. Areas north of Providence may see closer to 12″, and areas south of Providence, away from the coast may see 6-12”. Hard to say that scenario happens just yet because the part of the storm hasn’t formed yet.

Another update later this evening. Don’t be surprised when you watch the evening news tonight, they are predicting more snow than they were over the previous two days.

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Information technology worker and weather enthusiast.

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